Greek Community Meet & Greet

photo 2 (2)It was great to be part of a meet and greet at the Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Community Church of Windsor today. Campaigning can be bring you to many places and many doors but sometimes you get to share something unique and special. Events like the meet and greet today exemplify the wonderful things in our community and the amazing multicultural fabric that is woven by the families and members of communities like the Greek Orthodox Community of Windsor.  It was very familial as everyone seemed to feel quite comfortable in the beautiful church. Special pastries, breads, drinks, and fresh fruit were offered as you might see as a guest in their homes.  It was also great to see many of the other candidates including many from the mayoral race.  Our multicultural make up and traditions is one of the things thphoto 1 (2)at makes Windsor such a special place.  It was great to recognize and know so many from the community who shared their support and well wishes.  I look forward to working with the Greek Community in the future as Holy Cross is an integral part of Ward 3 and its urban dynamic, attracting members from all across Essex county for services and festivals throughout the year.  Thanks to Pat Papadeas, GOCW President, for inviting myself and all the other candidates and hosting a wonderful event.