Thom Racovitis Endorsement

me and thom1It was truly an honour to be able to attend the A Toast to Thom (Racovitis) Gala held Friday night at the St. Clair Centre for the Arts.  Long time downtown businessman and culinary legend, owner/chef of Tunnel BBQ, was honoured at a Gala celebrating his life and accomplishments after his recent retirement and closing of his legendary downtown restaurant Tunnel BBQ.

The Gala was a celebration of his culinary life and included a who’s who of local chefs and culinary legends.  It was fantastic to be on the opposite side of the table as great local chefs like Glenn Blommesttein, Vincenzo Del Duca, and Helmut Markert.  As a chef and local restaurateur it was an honour to chat with Thom about his business and share insights about downtown and his vision for the potential that downtown has.  I had a few minutes to talk to Thom where he shared some of his stories and fond memories of years past in the core.  He let me know that he will be supporting my campaign and endorsing me.  He later issued the following statement:

“Rino Bortolin brings a fresh perspective, drive and determination to all that he does. He sees the big picture: small businesses are vital to our local economy, bring jobs and improve quality of life for everyone who lives here. Rino Bortolin has the personal attributes and business knowledge we need on City Council.”

me and thom2My campaign and platform is gaining momentum and has resonated with many including long time downtown businessmen and community leaders.  My vision for downtown is one that we can all get behind.  After over 40 years in the core Thom Racovitis has seen the best and worst of times is Windsor and has been a leader through it all.  His dedication to Windsor and especially downtown is
an inspiration both as a business owner/chef and a candidate for City Council.  His support is affirmation of my efforts and will drive me to achieve the goals that I have set out. Thank you Thom.